Service System Deveploment

What is the Service System Development?

In the Service System Development (SSD) Program, Polish Community Care Services supports three groups of Polish background Victorians: Carers Group, Senior Citizens Clubs and Volunteers. All groups we provide with information and practical support as well as opportunity to contribute to enhance the Polish community spirit.

During the next two years, the SSD program will help customers and staff members in smooth transition to new aged care program.

Carers Group

The Carers Group is aimed at supporting who care for a family member or friend with a disability, mental or chronic illness, or for someone who in his ripe age.

The Polish Community Care Services supports families by providing:

  • emotional support and counselling;
  • practical support and services;
  • informative trainings and workshops (research, policy and systemic change);
  • Q&A sessions with specialists,
  • recreational outings which can give respite from daily routine.

Senior Citizens Clubs

The Polish Community Care Services proudly supports 22 Polish Senior Citizens Clubs operating in Victoria. Our organisation provides Clubs and their Presidents with:

  • informative trainings and workshops;
  • financial and organisation support;
  • opportunity to participate in community events such as Polish Seniors Day and the Senior Picnic.

Volunteers Group

The Volunteers Group actively participates in life of Polish community in Victoria. Our volunteers willingly:

  • provide company lonely or isolated community members;
  • support the PCCS in transporting meals to clients in needs;
  • support the PCCS in Telelink Program;
  • support the organisation process of community events such as the Polish Seniors Day, the Senior Picnic and Christmas parties.

The Polish Community Care Services supports volunteers by providing informative trainings and workshops. To thank our volunteers for their enormous efforts to build Polish community stronger and more shining, we celebrate the National Volunteer Week and the International Volunteer Day each year and organise a special Christmas party for them.

How can I join the groups?

Everyone can join the groups according to their needs. Volunteers at age 18 and above are highly welcomed.

Who do I contact?

Mrs Ewa Kiżewski – SSI and SSD Coordinator
Polish Community Care Services Inc. “Polcare”
Mobile: 0404 440 624