Social Support Individual

What is the Social Support Individual?

The Social Support Individual (SSI) Program is created for supporting people aged 65+ who are no longer able to participate in social activities outside the home. The aim program is to alleviate their sense of loneliness. The SSI Program aims are to:

  • perform a caring, monitoring function, and where appropriate, provide encouragement to participate actively in community life;
  • increase access to services and activities;
  • increase independence and reduces isolation;
  • offer support and encouragement;
  • provide companionship/friendship on a regular basis.

The number of support hours can vary depending on clients’ needs. The eligible client can receive at least 3 hours of support per week in one or more chosen areas. There are a variety of support providing in the SSI program:

Friendly Visiting Program

The aim of Friendly Visiting Program is to alleviate feelings of isolation of the elderly people, encourage them to make connections with local groups and to re-enable them to participate in social life. Trained volunteers visit clients living in their homes, keep them company, and try to create a feeling of friendship and trust. Our volunteers assist clients with:

  • going out for coffee or walk;
  • shopping;
  • paying bills;
  • spending time interestingly (reading, playing games or cards, watching movies etc.).

Social contacts are very important because they reinforce a sense of security and give meaning to life. This is especially important for the elderly people.

The Friendly Visiting Program Coordinator is responsible for the assessment of referred clients and matches eligible clients to appropriate volunteers.


Telelink, which was set up in response to the PCCV’s concerns for the needs of lonely older people and their carers, is a form of teleconferencing where up to ten people chat together as a group.

Telelink provides valuable social support, interaction and “phone friendship” for isolated or lonely older people. Two groups link once a week for one hour.

How can I join the programs?

To be able to join SSI Program, eligible clients should be registered in the My Aged Care and receive a special referral code for this type of services.

Who do I contact?

Mrs Ewa Kiżewski – SSI and SSD Coordinator
Polish Community Care Services Inc. “Polcare”
Mobile: 0404 440 624